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Lexsys Networks Inc. Full service Maintenance Agreements cover parts and labour for the repair of the telecommunications equipment and software that fails due to fair wear and tear. The coverage is on a seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day basis. The contract also includes the following services at no additional charge:

Diagnostic Labour : ensures that all labour and parts are covered for the life of the contract.

Trip Charge Waiver : No charges for travel time to or from the service location

Software Problems : No charge for software replacement or fixes unless caused by outside forces or a third party.

Wiring and cabling Problems : Protection coverage including troubleshooting, isolation, testing and replacement of defective telecommunication or data cabling installed by Lexsys Networks Inc.

Priority Scheduling : Provisions are made for staffing for service maintenance accounts to receive top priority on all requests for service, support, changes and additions to your telecommunications system. Emergency response time of one hour is standard.

Guaranteed Response Times : Penalties for missed commitments on a major service calls.

Preventive Maintenance : An on-site inspection of your telecommunications hardware and software designed to improve the reliability and longevity of your system by identifying potential service problems before they become severe.

Cleaning and Inspection of system : An annual inspection of the system components and general cleaning relative to dust and debris in and around the telecommunications system.

No Trouble Found : Coverage for service relating to telecom systems where no trouble is found or where the trouble is the result of user error. Lexsys Networks Inc. has the right to limit monthly calls if they become excessive.

Telephone Company Related Problems : Protection coverage including the troubleshooting, isolation, testing and reporting of central office lines, circuits and long distance services.

Interfacing with Local and Long distance Companies : Lexsys Networks Inc. will become your “Agent of Record” concerning additions of lines or services provided by your local or long distance carriers. Lexsys Networks Inc. must file a “Letter of Agency” on your behalf in order to offer this service. This service excludes billing issues and advertising. Lexsys Networks Inc. will gladly perform an audit on your bills to determine their accuracy at an additional charge.

Remote Programming : Programming for adds, moves and changes that can be performed remotely in 15 minutes or less will be no charge.

Free Consulting on Telecom Related Issues : Expert staff will be made available to assist you in the planning of all telecom-related services and their integration to your system. This will be to a maximum of eight hours per quarter.

Discounts on Equipment Purchases : A 10% discount from Lexsys Networks Inc. published pricing for equipment purchases.

Bulk MAC Purchases : Discounts on bulk purchase of MAC hours.

Dedicated Support Representative : A dedicated support representative assigned to your account to assist you in problem resolution, obtaining latest Nortel information and to ensure commitments from Lexsys Networks Inc. are maintained.

Traffic Studies : One free traffic study per year. This includes the study and recommendations.

If your current contract does not give you all the added benefits of a Lexsys Networks contract then call 905-338-4321 for a quote or to speak to a representative about your service requirements.

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