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  Home and Office Headset Solutions:

CT10 900 MHz Wireless Headset Telephone

     you can make calls and take calls from anywhere in your      home or office.
S10 Telephone Headset System
     Full-featured amplifier works with virtually any phone

CS10 Cordless Telephone Headset System
     Hands-free mobile design with range of up to 150 feet from the base unit.
S20 Telephone Headset System
     Under the telephone accessory deck hosts Plantronics top-of-the-line A20 amplifier, DuoSet headset, cord      management, on-line indicator and headset stand.
T10 Headset Telephone System, Single-Line
     Complete single-line telephone with headset
T20 Headset Telephone System, Dual-Line
     Complete dual-line telephone with headset
Practica T50 Headset Telephone
     Attractive and comfortable hands-free communication at an attractive price
DuoPro™ headsets
     the most versatile headsets ever made.

Headband Headsets - Over the Head wearing style

Encore®, H91 & H101
      All-day comfort with bass and treble settings, plus single-cable binaural design.
Supra®, H51 & H61
      Adjustable headband and cushioned receiver. Yoke binaural design.
SupraVR, CAT51VR
      Speech recognition with Gentex® noise-cancelling microphone and Quick Disconnect™ for use with the Plantronics       Headset Switcher™ amplifier - use one headset for both your computer and telephone.
SupraVR (with 3.5mm plugs), CAT52VR
      Speech recognition with Gentex noise-cancelling microphone and connects directly into your computer sound card.

Over-The-Ear & In-The-Ear Headsets

Mirage®, H41
      Distinctive next-to-the-ear receiver delivers excellent sound.
TriStar®, H81
      Comfortable, lightweight and innovative three-point stability design.
StarSet®, H31
      Ideal for noisy environments, featuring VersaTip® conforming eartip.

Convertible (Headband or Over-The-Ear) Headsets

DuoSet™, H141
      Your choice of two comfortable wearing styles: over-the-ear or adjustable headband. Noise-cancelling microphone.

Amplifiers - used to connect headset to existing telephone

HL10 handset lifter
     Conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook.
Model S10 Telephone Headset System
      Full-featured amplifier works with virtually any phone
Model CA10 Cordless Telephone Headset System
      Hands-free mobile design with range of up to 150 feet from the base unit.
Vista™, M12
>      Near-universal compatibility with both single and multi-line telephones.
Headset Switcher™, MX10
      The Vista amplifier plus an integrated telephone / computer (audio) switch. Enables you to use one Plantronics headset       for both your telephone and computer or audio device.
Rep Not Available, E10
      Specifically for call center agents who need a system that signals the ACD system when they are not available to take a       call.
Plug Prong Adapter, P10
      Dual-prong amplifier for ACD systems and two-prong jack (PJ-327) telephones.

Noise-Cancelling Headset & Amplifier Packages

Model CS10 Cordless Telephone Headset System
      Hands-free mobile design with range of up to 150 feet from the base unit.
Telephone Headset, SP05
      Monaural noise-cancelling headband headset with single and multi-line telephone amplifier.
Telephone Headset, SP02
      Single-line telephone amplifier that lets you make or answer calls without lifting the telephone handset.
DA50 USB-to-headset adapter
      It Provides a direct connection from Plantronics H-Series headsets to the PC, making it the ideal solution for Voice-over-IP      (VoIP) applications.

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