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Now anyone can afford GN Netcom quality, with GN 2200 Omega™ headsets.

GN 2200 Omega headsets deliver professional performance at a value price, so you get a cost-effective solution without compromising sound quality or durability. You get style and comfort, too, in an elegant, lightweight design that’s easy to wear all day long. Yet the GN 2200 Omega is durable enough to last for years, even under the most telephone-intensive conditions.

The GN 2200 is available in both monaural (GN 2220) and binaural (GN 2225)and features a noise-canceling microphone and our extra-strong, ultra sleek DuraFlex-II™ microphone boom—the first real advancement in microphone boom design since our original DuraFlex boom. The GN 2225 adds a second oval speaker, making it the perfect choice for noisy environments.


Noise-canceling mic : ­­reduces background noiset
DuraFlex-II™ cable & boom : ­­adds style and strength
Single cable binaural : ­­single-wire, dual sound

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