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Symposium Agent
A client server based application framework that can be used to automate business applications using data provided by the carrier network (ANI, DNIS or Caller ID) or information provided by the caller via touch-tone or speech recognition.

Symposium Call Center Server
Offers a complete eBusiness enabled communication solution for dynamic contact centers, providing skill-based routing, comprehensive management and reporting, and real-time displays for supervisors and managers.

Symposium Express Call Center
An entry-level ACD product that delivers sophisticated skill-based call routing and management reporting to customer care centers with an easy to use an implement User Interface.

Symposium Link
Empowers businesses and third party software providers to create service-enhancing applications by making Meridian 1 call control, call events and call center agent information available to external computer applications.

Symposium TAPI Service Provider for Meridian 1
The Symposium TAPI Service Provider for Meridian 1 is a multifunctional Microsoft TAPI 3.0 compliant service provider that marries the Microsoft TAPI 3.0 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the Meridian 1.

Symposium Web Center Portal
Empowers businesses with the capability to enhance customer interactions through a management solution that routes, tracks, and reports on electronic inquiries from the enterprise's website.

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