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  PBX Extender
  EXTender 6000 for       Branch Offices
Mobile EXTender       (software application)
EXTender 1000+ for Analog
EXTender 3000 for ISDN
EXTender 3200 for IDSL
EXTender 4000 for IP
  PBX Gateway

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MCK's voice gateways extend voice systems capabilities to remote offices, call centers, telecommuters and mobile workers easily and affordably while providing a bridge for legacy systems to the next-generation of voice communications.

You've invested a lot in your company's private branch exchange (PBX) or key telephone system (KTS). To leverage the most of your investment in these systems, simply install one of MCK's gateways by your existing PBX/KTS. Then, deploy a combination of single-user and/or multi-user EXTenders as needed for your remote offices and mobile workers.And all your employees and agents now have

seamless voice services -- without the cost or administrative difficulty of expanding your PBX system.

MCK's gateways are compatible all major PBX/KTS systems-- Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson, Iwatsu, Nortel, NEC, Infrontia (formerly Nitsuko), Toshiba and others and trasmit voice over any network -- Analog, wireless, DSL, ISDN, IP, ATM, T1/E1, Cable and Fiber.

MCK's gateways are used worldwide by organizations who need or want to decentralize their operations to be closer to their customers, suppliers and partners.

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