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Announcement/Call Processing System

The XMU large chassis fills the void between the simple passive announcer and more complex call processing systems. It is a cost effective solution with state-of-the-art design, and flexible configuration options.

The XMU large chassis is easy to install and operate; capable of handling up to 8 line cards for Call Processing, Queue Processing, ACD announcements, Audiotex, and even Music/Messaging on-hold.

Variety Of Messages:
Provide callers with a variety of messages by simply having the XMU play a different message each time the caller re-enters the wait queue.

       XMU Large Chassis (2 - 63 channels)

Easily Update Messages:
Product, promotional or Music/Message-On-Hold announcements can be easily, and instantly changed to ensure callers have the most up-to-date information.

Affordable Automated Attendant:
The XMU is an affordable way to provide automated attendant applications including: 24-hour information lines or call routing to alternative sites after business hours.

Play Promotional Messages:
The XMU can be used to answer common customer questions, or to play promotional messages to on-hold callers.

Remote Management:
The XMU is compatible with all major telephone systems and can be remotely managed via a modem or TCP/IP network interface. Up to 1000 XMU's can be remotely administered from one location when using the XMUCOM Windows-based PC software.

Disaster Recovery:
A disaster recovery override is also available for emergency messaging.

  • Supports up to 8 cards for Call Processing, ACD announcements, Audiotex, Queue Processing and Music/Messaging-On-Hold
  • Day-of-week, date-and-time activated announcements can be scheduled up to 1 year in advance
  • A second ACD announcement can rotate messages in a call center environment
  • Download messages in .WAV format
  • 2-63 channels with 2 minutes to 2 hours of recording time
  • Windows-based software
  • Modem and TCP/IP network interface options for remote administration
  • Make changes online or in advance
  • Field upgradeable line cards and memory
  • Disaster recovery override activates preprogrammed instructions or messages
  • 48-hour battery backup
  • Interfaces to network redirect services
Typical Problems Solved:
  • Offloading call processing from voice mail/IVR
  • Time-and-date stamping of ACD announcements for message management
  • Audiotex for human resources, help desks, mortgage rates, and hotlines
  • Centralized 800 service to route callers
  • Disaster recovery override
  • Answering common questions without attendants such as: store hours or locations
  • Movie theater information
  • Multi-port music/messaging-on-hold for caller information and promotional messages
           XMU Large Chassis Technical Specs
           XMU Brochure (523K)

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