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Meridian Home Office II
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Meridian HomeOffice II is a cost-effective and secure integrated solution that gives teleworkers LAN-speed data access and fax, plus all Meridian 1 or SL-100 system voice features in a single end-to-end package. It is designed for both large and small businesses that offer work-at-home programs, and can be scaled to hundreds or even thousands of users.

With Meridian HomeOffice II, companies can provide a Meridian 1 digital set with the full rich set of PBX features extended to the remote site, plus simultaneous high-speed access to the corporate LAN/WAN over an ISDN line.

  • Ease of installation
  • 16-port line card
  • Integrated 1-box solution
  • Local call
  • Channel aggregation
  • Online/offline table
  • Voice security

Transparent, Seamless Access

Meridian HomeOffice II gives teleworkers simultaneous voice and data on a single ISDN BRI line. It combines LAN-speed data connectivity with the same robust voice features they have come to rely on from their Meridian digital set including Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Speed Dialing and Conferencing. Specialized teleworkers, such as remote Call Center agents, receive queued calls and the same screen-pops as agents located at the central site.

End-To-End Solution

An End-to-End Solution that leverages your Meridian 1 or SL-100 system Meridian HomeOffice II is an integrated solution, both at home and at the host site, simplifying installation, operation and maintenance. In the home, Meridian HomeOffice II offers a single-box solution with a fully featured ISDN data router and a digital telephone extender. This fully integrated unit provides easy set-up and maintenance. At the corporate host site, the Meridian HomeOffice II Line Card resides on an IPE shelf of the Meridian 1 or SL-100 system switch. The Meridian HomeOffice II Line Card supports 16 simultaneous teleworkers, and multiple line cards can be installed to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of teleworkers. Meridian HomeOffice II also works with any existing standards-based remote access equipment.

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