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Lexsys can supply and install equipment specifically designed to monitor your voice and data systems to activate an on line alarm when there are problems. This case study summarizes the concept.

Case Study : Early warning support for systems outages and breakdowns relating to external or internal customer causes.

We have many customers who have critical needs for maximum uptime of all lines and systems. When a line goes down for either internal or external reasons, they require detailed reports of what has stopped functioning, why and when repairs can be completed.

We have many such customers whose business is such that they cannot withstand system outages for any appreciative length of time without knowing that corrective action is being initiated. One particular customer of ours in the public field requested such a solution. For this, we utilized a Teltronics solution. This system allows Lexsys to remotely monitor the performance their voice network, collect fault data and initiate corrective action remotely from our service control center.

Lexsys is notified automatically by the system when a critical alarm condition exists, identifies the calling site, and stored the information in a database. Then the information is transmitted to our control center where our systems analyze the fault and either initiate corrective action or alert our technicians to the need for a physical dispatch.

The same unit will also monitor data networks for errors and inform the client’s staff or the organization responsible for the maintenance of their network. Other critical items can also be monitored by this system, such as; room temperature, humidity, door openings, etc.

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